Unser vielfältiges Linkangebot umfasst sämtliche behindertenspezifischen Interessensgebiete und wird – wie alle unsere Bemühungen – stets den aktuellen Bedürfnissen angepasst. Anregungen und Kritiken sind immer gerne willkommen.


  Ability Network Magazine
  All the Gopher Servers
The American Foundation For The Blind
  American Printing House for the Blind
American Psychological Society (APS) Gopher
  Assistive Technology For The Disabled Computer User
Audio Description Gopher
  Books, Articles and Journals Pertaining to Autism
Chariot Magazine
  Clinical Medical Resources (G. Malet, v1.6; 5/25/94)
Computers Resources for the Disabled
  Cornucopia of Disability Information
Deaf Gopher @ Michigan State University
  Developmentally Disabled (autism)
Disability Newletter
  Disability Rag
Disability Related Resources
  Disability Resources and Information
EASI Gopher
  Educational Resources Information Center
Electronic Rehabilitation Resource Center
Gopher Sites for intellectual disabled
  Gopher Jewels
Gophers by Subject
  Handicap News Archives
Handicap News BBS archives index
  Information Technology And Disabilities (Journal)
Internet Lessons
  Internet Resources for Persons with Disabilities
Kent State University Deaf Education Resources
  National Information Sources on Disabilities
National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) Gopher
  National Library Service for Blind/Physically Handicapped
National Rehabilitation Information Center (NARIC)
  Newsletter of the Coalition of Texans with Disabilities
Olivetti Disability Gopher
  Recording for the Blind's (RFB) Library Catalog
Repetitive Strain Injury Network Electronic Newsletter
  Search Handicap Digest Archive
St. John's Electronic Rehab. Resource Center
  The Braille Monitor
This Brain has a Mouth
  Trace Research And Development Center
UCLA Disabilities And Computing Program
  University of Washington Disability Resources


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